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Payment Information

Mariposa accepts most commercial insurance plans such as Health Net, Blue Cross Blue Shield, plus Medicare and  Medicare HMO’s and the AHCCCS plans Arizona Complete Health – Complete Care Plan, or Banner University Family Care.

Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan is an integrated health plan for members served by Arizona’s Medicaid program, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). As an integrated plan, this health plan covers both an individual’s physical and behavioral health benefits. You can learn more about integrated care and the AHCCCS Complete Care program by visiting the AHCCCS website.

AHCCCS Enrollment

Mariposa’s Eligibility & Enrollment Department can help individuals with limited income to enroll in AHCCCS.  There is no separate interview with an AHCCCS / DES caseworker.  For more information, please contact our Eligibility & Enrollment Department at (520) 281-1550.

Sliding Fee Discount Program

Mariposa Community Health Center offers a sliding fee discount program designed to bridge the gap that exists for many who lack adequate insurance and have limited income.

The sliding fee discount program is available to those who meet the eligibility requirements. We recommend all patients who meet the requirements apply for the program, regardless of current insurance coverage, as they may qualify for discounts on the balance due after insurance.  Qualifying members have access to all of the services at Mariposa’s healthcare locations at a reduced rate. For more information about the sliding fee discount program (also known as the Mariposa Health Plan), please contact our Eligibility & Enrollment Department at (520) 281-1550.